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How you should prepare for your Design Session

First of all … relax and don’t be stressed. Like most clients, your completed hair replacement hair systems will probably exceed your expectations.

Bring a picture of a hair style

This is not a really important step but it assists in conveying your style wishes to the designer. There are many styles in magazines that can show us exactly the type of style that you desire.

Don’t worry about the adhesives and cleaning process

We can talk and talk about the bonding and cleaning processes and you’ll remember very little about what we discussed. Once you see your hair systems go on and off a few times on delivery/cut-in day, you’ll understand how it all works. You’ll be given a video that will show you how to clean and reattach your system, plus we’ll demonstrate these techniques to you in our lab.

Remember, this is a partnership and we design your hair system together

At the Hair System Design Session, you and your Farrell Consultant or stylist simply discuss each element of the hair system and then put all those elements together. The result … the hair system should be very similar to how your hair was before you began losing your hair.

Try to have most of your questions answered before your Hair System Design Session

Our website and our FAQ’s have the answers to all your questions and many you never thought of asking. It’s a great resource, so come to your Hair System Design Session ready to design the hair system and armed with all the information about hair replacement systems possible. A Farrell consultant’s job is to answer all of your questions. A Farrell stylist or consultant will then simply design your hair system. The beautiful part is that there are no high pressure salespeople involved. So, again, it is best if you arrive at your design session with your questions already answered.

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