Don’t let other companies make you look
like you are wearing a hairpiece!

Meet with Richard Farrell, the Master himself and you can have the Best Hair Systems in the World!

Nothing else works! That includes surgery, laser, pills and topical solutions. A non-surgical hair system is the only way you can get all of your hair back.

Don’t waste time and money on bad systems and things that don’t work.

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See our 2019 Tour Dates Below


Denver, CO – May 8
Kansas City, MO – May 9
Phoenix – May 9
Oklahoma City – May 10
Dallas – May 11
Atlanta – May 12
Nashville – May 13
Miami – May 14
Washington DC – May 15
Philadelphia – May 16
Boston – May 17
Tokyo, Japan – May 21
San Francisco – May 22
Saporro, Japan – May 23
Sacramento – May 23
Singapore – May 25
Seattle – May 25


Israel – June 4
Dublin, Ireland – June 15
Paris – June 16
Berlin – June 17
Stockholm – June 18
Chicago – June 19
Zurich – June 20
Johannesburg, South Africa – June 22-23
Cape Town, South Africa – June 24
London – June 25-27


Toronto, Canada – July 11
Perth, Australia – July 16
Melbourne, Australia – July 18
Sydney, Australia – July 20


Mexico City – August 8
Dubai – August 23
Qatar – August 25


You will meet with us twice. Once for us to design your systems and you meet once again for the delivery of your hair systems. Then, it’s all over. You will have all of your hair back, your confidence back. Your wives and husbands, children and friends will even forget you had a hair loss problem.

It’s all really simple: If you are losing your hair or maybe it’s gone it needs to be fixed.

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