Hair Transplant Gone Wrong

Recently hair loss sufferer and hair transplant victim Jon discovered Richard Farrell and Farrell Hair Replacement. Origonally he went to a hair transplant surgeon to solve his hair loss problem and they hacked him up pretty bad with just a small amount of new hair growth. Ten grand later and hardly any hair to show for it, he turned to Richard Farrell to see if he could help give him his hair back.

Jon was so pleased with the potential, he allowed Farrell Hair to film the transformation and take a few before and after pics.

As you can see from the pictures and video, he was very thin on top. Richard’s plan is to replace his hair in a few phases.

Because Farrell Hair systems are custom made for each person this allows Richard Farrell to add more hair over time so people wont notice that Jon all of a sudden got a full head of hair.

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