Hang on to Your Hair with this Advice!

Big corporations are churning out alleged hair loss cures left and right to make more money, but their solutions are not necessarily your best bet. If you’re bald or even just beginning to lose your hair, chances are you’re frantic to find something that will improve your situation. But despite what advertising may tell you, you don’t need a fancy or extremely costly product to salvage what’s left of your hair and regain what you’ve lost.  The following advice has a high likelihood of growing your hair back…and everything involved is either low-cost or free!

The first step to solving your hair loss problem is to examine your life as a whole and see what elements of it might be contributing to the situation. Pay special attention to any changes in your life that coincided with the start of your hair loss problem. Are you taking any new medication? If so, do you know all the side effects? Speak with your doctor to help figure out if your medication could be causing the problem. If so, look into switching to a different medication and see if that helps. Are there any major life changes that have occurred recently, such as a new job or moving? If you answer yes to this, see what you can do to minimize the situation.  Remember, spotting the root cause of your hair loss is the first and most important step in reversing it.

Vitamins and proper nutrition are your best allies in this situation, especially B12. This vitamin is present in meats like chicken and beef and is also easy to find in multivitamins and supplements, especially those geared towards improving energy. Try to incorporate more lean meats into your diet. In addition to the wonders the vitamins will do for you, the extra protein always makes it easier for hair to grow.

Make sure to shampoo and condition your hair regularly, but don’t attempt to style it right after because styling wet hair makes things worse. Wet hair is more susceptible to breakage and general damage than dry hair. It’s best to dry your hair (use a towel, blow dryer heat can damage your hair) and then let the air do the rest. Once it’s dry, you can detangle it with a comb (but be gentle!) and commence styling it. Avoid any and all styles that put stress and pressure on your hair, or that cause pulling and tugging at the roots.

Hair color in and of itself will not make your hair fall out, contrary to popular belief. However, skin allergies to the dye itself and common mistakes like leaving it on a bit too long or inadequately preparing your hair for it can result in breakage. Be sure to rest the dye on your skin prior to use and make sure that you follow the directions exactly. Use timers and enlist a friend to help the next time you dye.

All of these tips and tricks are intended to provide you with tried and true methods of halting and reversing your hair loss problem. Try to implement them in your day to day life as soon as possible so that you can start living your life and stop worrying about your hair.

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