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Torres, Lukaku, Dunbar - Pakistan, for Manchester United on which? Mourinho gives a surprising answer: All is not on!

Chelsea's starting a publication, "no front" immediately became a hot topic. 4231 in front of the four individuals, respectively, Azar, Oscar De Bulao inside and Xu Earle, without a legitimate center to center pivot accustomed known Mike Mussina, this play out no front strange array.

Chelsea last played no front formation, cheap soccer jerseys wholesale or last season's Champions League away game against Juventus, DiMatteo with Azar front, that game was the Bianconeri Blues 3-0 sweep, but also led to the "Buddha handsome" Final of the class. Today Mourinho then held no front of the blade, backgrounds already different.

Combined with the field rivals Manchester United, as well as the sensitive character array Red Devils Wayne Rooney, Mourinho row array does not inevitably make people think. "Daily Mail" Martin - Samuel made this a wonderful read: cheap soccer jerseys for sale "Chelsea's starting 11, it looks almost like an invitation: Come down here, Wayne Rooney and see how you come later to Stamford Bridge, and see you will be more important that we see this vacancy is waiting How about you, all of which can be yours, Wayne Rooney, all for you to stay. "

Do not keep the three centers, put a no front formation to Rooney look, is this really Mourinho urged the England striker transfer tricks? Of course, this is just a joke ridicule, the game is always the first one, cheap soccer jerseys online without which the coach because of outside factors to decide starter. Can only say that this no front formation, is now considered the most suitable Chelsea Mourinho, but only one reason: he does not trust any of the existing one center.

Vera a war against mediocrity, has been sufficient to Dunbar - Pakistan sideline, if Chelsea striker into a position one, most likely leaving the team is Senegalese. Torres and Luca Curry, the former has been behind Mike Mussina's verbal, cheap replica soccer jerseys but in the opposite arrangement appearances Shique treatment; latter is a reserve for the future, from the summer warm-up match against Aston Villa and, it seems bench played better. It can be said, Chelsea sitting three centers, but not an ideal main candidates.

Rooney twice a quote, it is Mourinho's decision assessment center position, as if the transfer is both inviting no front formation coincidence, but a reflection of reality. However, after the field, Mike Mussina's cheap authentic soccer jerseys statement shows that the introduction of Wayne Rooney Chelsea hope is getting smaller. Mourinho said: "Manchester United must be a very special club because any club in the world, when a player wants to leave, fans will no longer support him, give him embarrassed, but here they has been supporting Wayne Rooney,2014cheapfootballkits Manchester United is one therefore has a particularly special fan club, if Rooney decided to stay, we respect his choice. "

"Everything depends on Rooney's position, if he want to leave now, then we withdraw (transfer), but we need to know his thoughts and if Rooney wanted to Chelsea, he must say so, if he wants to stay, He should also speak out. cheap youth soccer jerseys "When asked how much time will stand when Rooney, Mourinho said:" Chelsea will wait for 24-48 hours, if Rooney does not come, we will look for other players. "

Rooney's battle, it seems Moyes will beat Mourinho it. cheap usa soccer jerseys For the madman's position, Manchester United manager interesting responded: "He (Mourinho) said on one thing, Manchester United is a special club. From day one, I told you before, but you always ask, I can not refuse you again and again. fact is the case, we have from the first day on the set (Rooney not to sell). "

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