Male Pattern Baldness Problem Solved by Richard Farrell of Farrell Hair

Male pattern baldness, also called MPB for short, is very commonplace in the US and affects over 40 million men. This type of baldness has little to do with external factors and is basically caused by the baldness gene. As Richard Farrell explains, the gene is so common that there's a four in seven chance of inheriting it. Although the figures might sound to be astounding at first, there is really no need to bother a lot as you still have your alternatives open. You can find lot that can be … [Read more...]

Hair Loss Detroit – The Finest Hair Replacement in Detroit Are Now Available at Farrell Detroit

Farrell Hair Detroit will solve your hair loss by giving you back 100% of your hair. Change your life forever with just one simple call, if your suffering from hair loss this could be the most important call you ever make. Learn more about solving your hair loss Detroit: Hair Loss Detroit You can end your hair loss situation with the world’s best hair loss solutions all produced by Richard Farrell, the world’s most sought after … [Read more...]

Hair Loss Toronto – Richard Farrell Hair Replacement Toronto Canada

Richard Farrell makes Toronto and the world’s finest hair replacement hair systems. And for those suffering from hair loss in Toronto Farrell Hair Replacement Toronto is the perfect solution to their hair loss. Hair Replacement Toronto Richard Farrell is the world’s most sought after hair replacement artist. He is the Master himself. And Farrell Hair Replacement Toronto is a company that is composed of hair system makers all trained by Richard. We use proprietary materials and techniques … [Read more...]

Hair Fixing Pune India – Richard Farrell Makes the Best Hair Systems in the World and in Pune

Richard Farrell makes the world’s best hair systems and everyone who has hair loss in India wants a Farrell hair system. Farrell is now available in both Pune and Mumbai India for the best hair fixing solution in India. Hair Fixing Pune, India Farrell Hair Replacement systems are now available to you in Pune! You can make an appointment for the Farrell Pune Salon to analyze your particular hair fixing situation and design hair systems that will give you back your natural, healthy appearance. … [Read more...]

If Your Ready to Solve Your Hair Loss Then Richard Farrell Has The Perfect Solution For You

For almost 30 years Richard Farrell has erased the devastating effects of hair loss in men and women. With his life changing hair loss solutions Richard has created a new look for hair loss sufferers of every nationality. Watch the client testimonial videos on and see how Richard Farrell has helped every nationality and gender, not to mention some big names in the Hollywood film industry. And now the worlds best hair loss hair systems are available in Los Angeles, and … [Read more...]

Hair Loss New York – Farrell New York Hair Loss Solutions

Farrell Hair New York, the only hair loss salon in New York where you can meet with Richard Farrell. So, there is no need to fly to California. Simply meet with Richard Farrell privately at our salon location in New York City! Farrell New York hair loss salon Richard Farrell saw the need to have a Farrell New York location where he could meet with East Coast people who want their hair back. Richard Farrell was born in Hollywood, California and started his hair replacement business in … [Read more...]

Tell Us Your Hair Loss Story For a Chance to Win a FREE Farrell Hair System

Are you loosing your hair? Is yours a story that could move others? If you answered yes to both of these questions then we want to hear from you. Tell us your story and we’ll give you a chance to win a free Farrell Hair system. Richard Farrell Reality Show Richard Farrell has been approached by a Hollywood television production company known for their reality TV shows, and they have asked Richard to participate in a pilot event that could well turn into a TV reality hair loss show. Send … [Read more...]

Richard Farrell Explains Hair Loss in African American Men

The many styling methods utilized on African American hair cause concern with men’s hair loss. African American men’s hair is very strong, fortunately so because the hair styles cause a great deal of stress on the hair and scalp. The typical hair and hair follicles of those of African descent are tightly curled, thus producing hair that spirals. This hair also typically has a larger diameter than Caucasian hair and retains less water, thus its relative “kinkiness.” The many styling … [Read more...]

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