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Men Have Worn Toupees for Centuries

The first known evidence of a toupee was found near an ancient Egyptian tomb. It is known that Julius Caesar wore a toupee, and some people think that he might have worn his famous wreath to hide his diminishing hairline. Some men from Roman times even painted their heads to look like they had hair. Toupee use by men has grown by leaps and bounds in the last one hundred years, with many men wanting to appear more youthful and to recreate the great heads of hair they once had.

Turkey Hair Loss

But the problem is most toupees look terrible. When you think of the word “toupee,” what images come to mind? Maybe you are envisioning a fake-looking toupee that appears to just sit on a man’s head, with stiff, synthetic, unnatural looking hair. Some toupees look so unnatural that, throughout history, they have been a humorous topic of discussion. Who could forget the comedic images we have seen in movies and on television of a burst of wind suddenly lifting up a man’s toupee, leaving it flapping in the wind, or of a man being unaware when talking with a pretty woman that his toupee is sitting crooked on his head. Every man wants to look and feel sexy, youthful and attractive. You are a successful man and deserve the best in life, and shouldn’t your hair look the best, as well? You might be like so many men who are looking for a toupee that will help them to look their best and achieve the best in life. You want the best, most natural looking toupee.

Did you know that some of the most famous men in Hollywood have worn toupees? Sean Connery, John Travolta, John Wayne, and Frank Sinatra are just a few famous men through the years who have worn toupees. As a matter of fact, Sean Connery wore toupees in all of his James Bond films, and he is, of course, widely considered to be a sex symbol. The fact is that some of the manliest, most successful men in Hollywood have worn well-made, undetectable toupees. You might be wondering, what is the difference between the best toupees these famous men wore and stiff, unnatural looking toupees that many average men wear? The difference is that these movie stars had their toupees custom made for them by a Hollywood wig maker.

Now, you too, can experience the star treatment with a toupee made just for you by a Hollywood wig maker; Farrell Hair! You can achieve the most natural, best toupee available on the market with Farrell Hair. Farrell Hair takes the same Hollywood approach as the wigmakers who have designed toupees for famous men throughout the years, and they make these toupees affordable so anyone can afford it. These are customized to each person with a mold, and made by hand to make your toupee truly undetectable just like Hollywood movie stars.

However, keep in mind not every company takes the natural-looking, high-quality Hollywood approach that Farrell Hair does. There are knock-off companies and hair clubs out there that buy toupees in bulk from companies in China and then resale them to you, the consumer. Those are the kinds of toupees people make jokes about. They look bad, and they are of subpar quality. Those toupees will only last a few months, and they are made with synthetic hair that looks fake or Chinese hair that does not match the texture of most people’s hair.

Farrell, however, uses only the highest quality European hair that will match the texture of your own hair. Soon you too can be wearing a toupee just like the movie star and enjoy the status that comes along with looking and feeling your best! Call us now or fill in the form below for your free consultation.

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