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like you are wearing a hairpiece!

Meet with Richard Farrell, the Master himself and you can have the Best Hair Systems in the World!

Nothing else works! That includes surgery, laser, pills and topical solutions. A non-surgical hair system is the only way you can get all of your hair back.

Don’t waste time and money on bad systems and things that don’t work.

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DenverMarch 21
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Sydney, AustraliaMarch 20

You will meet with Richard twice. Once for Richard to design your systems and you meet once again for the delivery of your hair systems. Then, it’s all over. You will have all of you hair back, your confidence back. Your wives and husbands, children and friends will even forget you had a hair loss problem.

It’s all real simple: If you are losing your hair or maybe it’s gone it needs to be fixed.

You must meet with Richard.

Are you wearing a hair systems now and are tired of looking like you are wearing a hair system? Wouldn’t it be nice if your hair looked like it was growing right out of your scalp? Only Farrell hair systems can do such a thing. Think of the styling options you’d have. You must meet with Richard Farrell.

Are you paying a fortune to have your systems attached at a hair replacement center? They all do the same thing. They trap you by gluing you to them and you pay heavy monthly charges. Well there are no monthly charges or attachment services needed with a Farrell Hair system. See for yourself! You must meet with Richard!

Why do you think Richard needs to travel the entire world helping hair loss sufferers? Farrell Hair systems are the best in the World. See for yourself the reasons. You must meet with Richard!

Farrell is not for everyone. We are here to help people who want to look their best! This is what you have been looking for! Reserve your free consultation with the master himself. You must meet with Richard!

Look at these hairlines! No other company in the world can do this! In fact only Farrell is able to do makeover performances under high definition cameras. Farrell systems are not detected by sight or touch! You must meet with Richard!

Farrell Hair Replacement of Hollywood Travels to you. How much easier can we make this for you to meet with us? If you prefer, you can always meet us in Hollywood but the Farrell Hair Replacement Tour will give you a private consultation in your area of the world.

Richard will show you our hair systems and explain everything to you and will design your systems as only he can, because he is the Master! Farrell is the only company in the world that creates Ultra Custom Hair Systems with our proprietary materials and techniques.

If you want a hair system that is natural looking that can’t be detected, your only choice is a Farrell Ultra Custom Hair System. You must meet with Richard!

Richard can’t go everywhere but he does go to major cities on every continent. In some cases you might need to drive or fly in to a city to meet him but it is worth the effort. Losing your hair is traumatic. Let Richard fix it! You must meet with Richard!

And please do us a favor. It is difficult for our small staff to play phone tag with people in different time zones. Fill out the form below. We will try contacting you once or twice. If you are local we will email and phone you. If you are international we will work through emails. Watch your Spam folder. But be ready to reserve your time slot in a city near you when a Farrell representative contacts you.

Do your research. When you come to your meeting try to be prepared and knowledgeable about all areas of Hair Replacement. Of course you should watch the videos and listen to Richard’s monologues on our website. But another great way to learn about this industry and all of your options is to listen to Richard’s Podcasts . You can do so at

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